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We Interrupt This Programming

The [Input|Output]s of Mark
We Interrupt This Programming
By Mark Askew • Issue #10 • View online
This week, I have delved into the depths of grammar in order to learn the differences between transitive and linking verbs or predicate nominatives and predicate adjectives. I have been testing myself, non-shop, in spotting the use of a verb as a noun, or test mobility of an adverb modifying an adjective.
All I want to do at this moment is go back to reading comics. Or sleep.
Most of my consumption this week has been performing class work. Given this has been the first week, there has been a bit of a change to my schedule. Combined with a lack of good sleep, and late work nights, I’ve wanted to do nothing but sleep or mindlessly fill my mind with entertainment, such as comic books.
I am currently reading several such as:
- Tower of God
- Jujutsu Kaisen
- One Punch Man
- My Hero Academia
- That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime
- Invincible
The most recent to my collection is Invincible—a purchase spurred by the Amazon Prime show.
As I thumb through each comic (or manga), I am once again in awe at the storytelling achieved between the dialogue and the artwork. Just enough dialogue to convey what is happening and advance the story, with amazing artwork to reinforce or show what the words aren’t telling you. I will have to create one of my own someday.
But first, I have a short-story to finish.

Currently Watching
Currently Reading
I am reading The Relentless Moon.* This is book three in The Lady Astronaut Series. 
*Link is an affiliate link.
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