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It’s Been Difficult To Write

The [Input|Output]s of Mark
It’s Been Difficult To Write
By Mark Askew • Issue #11 • View online
I missed a newsletter.
The past few weeks have difficult for writing. Work had been more mentally draining than normal and my grammar course has been equally taxing. The thought of staring at words has been unappealing. But, I did.
This past weekend, I got to spend some time adding to a story outline. It felt good. It was a brief respite from the rigors of studying; a glimpse of what awaits me in several weeks. Truly, I am laughing at the thought. That is how stressful it’s been with the coursework and trying to learn the intricacies of grammar. 
And don’t bother trying to review this text to see if I learned anything. At the moment, I have zero cares about the grammatical accuracy of this text.
Writing can be mentally draining. Paired with other mental exhausting activities and some hiccups in your sleep schedule, you may find yourself reaching a breaking point. When that happens, I try to find another activity to consume my time and that has been reading comic books. 
Reading comic books is a very different experience from a novel. Not only do you have the story and dialogue of the characters, but you have the mental imagery showing the action “on screen.” I can easily step into this world and not have to think about anything else such as appositive phrases or reflexive pronouns. Trust me, this happens all the time now when I am reading something, so a comic book is the perfect thing to consume. Lots of dialogue, which gets a pass for grammar, and very little exposition.
While it’s been difficult to write, it’s OK. Occasionally, we may feel that we have to constantly write or create, and not doing so says that we are not productive. That isn’t true. Write when you feel its best or when you feel ready. The creative process can be hard, but you have to take care of you. While tonight is a study night with many class work to do, I am taking a forced break to write this newsletter, watch YouTube, and read comics. That is something I would normally do on a Sunday, but after 7hrs of reading and studying for class, I need a break.
To think, these newsletters would be more “professional” and have instead turned into my diary.

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Currently Reading
I am reading The Relentless Moon.* This is book three in The Lady Astronaut Series. 
I am also reading Invincible comic book.
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