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From Weekly to Fortnightly

The [Input|Output]s of Mark
From Weekly to Fortnightly
By Mark Askew • Issue #18 • View online
There is something about the word “fortnightly” that I like so much; of course, this is prior to the game “Fortnite” stepping on the scene. So, what does it mean?
(adj) happening or produced every two weeks; (adv) every two weeks
This word stems from “fortnight”, which is an actual unit of measure.
I am not writing about this word because I like it—there is an actual point here: this newsletter is moving from a weekly release to a fortnightly release.
The Why
Weekly emails are tough. With class, side projects, and the day job, it is really tough to try to provide a good weekly newsletter of things that I am learning. Thus, I want to spread this out a bit to give myself a bit more time to compile things I’m working on and share. Fortnightly seems like the best fit, as monthly was a bit too long.
What’s Happening
Here is a brief summary of the past two weeks.
Copyediting Class
I continued on to the second class in my year-long copyediting program. This course is much lighter than the ten weeks I spent diving into grammar. And I am much thankful for it. That is not to say the class isn’t challenging. It is. There is much to learn about actually performing the duties of a copyeditor. As a result, I am reading through the book The Copyeditor’s Handbook by Amy Einsohn and Marilyn Schwartz. So far, it’s a really good book.
I am currently writing Project Witch. It was originally a short story, but I outline ten chapters. That doesn’t mean it will be a novel length book … maybe a novella or a long short story. We shall see! May the keyboard be swift.
I have not been writing anything nonfiction. There are still things that I have on the back burner that I’ve outlined, but I have not actually had the time to crank them out. Part of the problem is that there were several things that I was reading that I have since paused, so data collection is not happening to write those articles. I’m hoping that I can get to these soon so that they can stop taking up precious mind space.
Refuse to Choose! by Barbara Sher
This was a read for The Productivity Lab podcast. This book is for those that seem to find themselves jumping from project to project or feel so overwhelmed with what they want to do that they simply do nothing. This was very good for me as it contained some revelatory moments for me having a bit more understanding to how I work. As such, it’s given me a bit of promise for the future.
Storm Pale and Demon Rogue by D.N. Erikson
I mentioned Project Witch earlier, well, part of writing is reading. I am diving into reading books within the urban fantasy (and surrounding) genre. 
Since I read so widely, I get removed from specific genre tropes and trends. Reading books in the genre is mostly research but entertainment as well. I’ve been enjoying these books as they’ve been a great way to end the day.

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