Consistency in 2022



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The [Input|Output]s of Mark
Consistency in 2022
By Mark Askew • Issue #25 • View online
New year. New theme. New newsletter.
I hope you all were able to bring the new year in safely. Despite the year changing, it feels as if it is a continuation of the prior two years. Though, I would suppose it would be up to each one of us to make new experiences for the year and stave off the mundane.
And so, I am here to share what I am excited about this year, powered by my continued focus on writing and my new theme of consistency.
The Focus: Writing
No annual goals for me; however, I use a focal point to guide me throughout the year. It would be no shocker that I would continue my 2021 focus on writing. The outputs of such focus would be the same: blogs, newsletters, and fiction. 
Though, I must admit that writing does include editing. My study of copyediting will end a few months from today, and I will have a specialized certificate in copyediting. Therefore, I’ll continue the practice of editing alongside my writing. They complement each other, and every writer must learn how to edit. Not to mention, I love editing.
A Theme of Consistency
That then brings us to the theme for the year: consistency. 
There are several things that are wrapped up in this theme. The first being routine. I’ve written in past newsletters in how I’ve fought against routines. I know how extremely useful and powerful they can be. However, there is just some part of me that rebels at the idea or notion of it once I settle into one. Suddenly, whatever routine I’ve built explodes into a million pieces and I move on. 
The second thing wrapped up within this year’s theme is sustainability. I wonder if I can create something that is sustainable. Can this be long-lived? Can I maintain this without it draining me? Boring me? Frustrating me? 
I want to build a writing platform that will last. To do so, I will need to build or improve upon my routines. I will need consistency in my work. (You can read that more way than one.)
The Year Ahead
It’s a tall order, what I’ve laid out. But I am not shaken by it. I know I am building foundations to last me for the next many, many years. So, I will take my time. There is no rush. This road is bountiful.
What’s your focus for the year? What theme will you live by? 
Whatever it is, I hope you fill your year with things to bring you joy or respite. 
Good luck!
P.S. What about goals, you wonder? Oh, I have them. I just focus on the things to make that goal come to fruition. For example, I would love to have something—an article, poem, or story—published in a magazine. But I need to focus on writing and being consistent. (See how those come into play?)

What I'm Watching 📺
The Expanse: A busy time. While I’ve watched the first episode of the sixth season, I have not gotten to the others.
The Witcher: I’m trying not to binge this show. I want to savor it somehow. I am five episodes in.
What I'm Reading 📚
Midnight Tides: This is book five from the Malazan Book of the Fallen series by Steven Erikson.
Infinite Jest: Another massive book that I am reading. Slowly.
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Mark Askew

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