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An End to 2021

The [Input|Output]s of Mark
An End to 2021
By Mark Askew • Issue #24 • View online
The END is nigh … for 2021, but did 2020 ever end?
This year has flown by with such a breeze that I still believed it to be 2020. This was most apparent on a recent work call when I struggled to recall the year correctly. And now I sit, writing the last newsletter to be published in 2021.
Looking back, 2021 was a good year for me. It was also my first full year in which I could focus on a life long area: writing. With this, I was able to start new endeavors and complete others:
  1. Created this newsletter to work on consistency;
  2. Starting a year-long copyediting program to improve my editing and writing;
  3. Self-published Mixtape poetry chapbook and Waited short story.
Maybe not shared in this newsletter was that I founded and ran the Austin Podcaster’s community. It was a wonderful three-plus years doing so, but I was getting further and further away from what I wanted to do. I stepped away from running the community in mid 2020. I’ve since continued, I’d argue, to reduce outside “distractions”. This year is the first full year in which I could focus on the area of writing, and it brought forth some great outputs and knowledge.
Besides those personal area focused accomplishments above, I had a few bonuses as well:
A promotion is always great and was something I was working toward. I continue to use my existing skills and new skills (copyediting) in my role. I hope I was able to be a valuable resource for my team.
Last, relationships you’ve built can always help you grow or provide a novel experience. A great thanks to my friend for the opportunity to do a small piece of voice work on a Spotify Studios podcast. It really ignited my love of doing voice work and just made me hungry for more. (I should probably start back attending voice workout sessions.)
Overall, I’ve been very lucky, blessed, and thankful for what I’ve accomplished this year and for the opportunities provided. I can only hope that 2022 is the same, if not better.
What about you? Did you accomplish a goal? Were you successful in your focus? What “small” wins did you have for the year?
Name it and celebrate it!

What I'm Watching
Hawkeye: Surprise. I’m a Marvel fan. Or maybe it isn’t a surprise since I collect comics. I am really enjoying all of the Marvel TV shows, including this one. There is one more episode to go, and I can’t wait!
Wheel of Time: I never read the books, but I do plan to at some point. For now, the show will have to do. I’m enjoying it thus far.
The Expanse: Another book series that I’ve yet to read, but I LOVE the show. The sixth season has started and I am just pumped.
The Witcher: Yes, I haven’t read the books nor played the games, but I’ll toss a coin to the Witcher. The second season is out and I am half-way through.
So many shows. So little time.
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