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A Bundle Of Emotions

The [Input|Output]s of Mark
A Bundle Of Emotions
By Mark Askew • Issue #9 • View online
There are two things this week that has sparked a bit of emotion, or cathartic release, if you will.
1 - Covid-19 Vaccine
I, like millions of others, received my first Covid-19 shot. I mention this because it provided a reprieve from the ongoing Covid-19 struggles. Further, it is a marking point that maybe, just maybe, we can move forward in what will be the new normal. This post covid-world. 
2 - Publishing My Poetry Book
This week I completed a massive goal and simultaneously embarked on a new journey. I’m no longer talking about self-publishing, I’m doing it.
With a looming deadline and mandate that I NOT push the due date as I’ve done so often before for this project, I published a small collection of poems called: Mixtape VOL. 1: A Poetry Collection. It’s now out in the wild. No one will likely ever see it but damn, it felt so good to publish something. To have something, I wrote out there in the world, available for consumption, and to see my publishing company listed as the publisher is a wonderful feeling.
Now the doors have been opened. I know what it’s like. I can still taste it. And more will come. I decided that in 2020 I would focus on writing and make it a life-long journey. For now, the goal is to publish something once-per-quarter. Mainly in the short-story and poetry worlds. I do have ideas for bigger books, novella’s and novels, but I am a slow writer.
For now, I have cover art to design for my short story that I will release in May or June, and I have a grammar course that officially starts tomorrow—send your prayers.

Fun Find
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Currently Reading
I just finished reading The Fated Sky by Mary Robinette Kowal*. This is book two in The Lady Astronaut Series.
I am now starting book three: The Relentless Moon.
*Link is an affiliate link.
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