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A Break

The [Input|Output]s of Mark
A Break
By Mark Askew • Issue #15 • View online
Finally, a break.
The past 10-weeks, I’ve been steeped in grammar as part of my year-long copyediting program.
It’s been brutal.
But, the final exam has been submitted, and now I am ready to tackle all the stuff that is marked as overdue in Trello: this newsletter, small essays, some editing tasks, podcast recordings, and cover designs.
The freedom will be short-lived before I start my next course in July. 
Meanwhile, I’ve made some minor progress, and I am happy to be writing again. While I very much enjoy editing, I also love crafting words together to express my thoughts or create a story.
So, what is to come in the next few weeks before the inevitable dry-spell?
- I have completed the editing for my short story “Waited” and will be publishing that.
- More newsletters with all the cool stuff I’ve been reading.
- A few articles that I’ve started outlining
- Some more lettering art
- Maybe another book unboxing video
Let’s see what we can accomplish. I hope you all had a wonderful week.
Chat Soon,

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How Live TV Works
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Currently Reading
I am reading The Relentless Moon.* This is book three in The Lady Astronaut Series. 
I am also reading Invincible comic book.
*Link is an affiliate link.
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